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The major building block for dopamine has been recognized for several decades. L-dopa has been used in an attempt to manage Parkinson like symptoms. The approach has been to provide l-dopa and manage the side effects. The main issue has been severe nausea. This was manage with carbidopa which seriously degrades vitamin B6. Some other problems have been depression and cognitive disruption. Long term, the life of the user has diminished by between 6 and 8 years. B6 is essential for your body to build proteins. When there is insufficient B6, the body’s ability to replenish itself is tragically impaired.

The progression of Parkinson like symptoms continues to a tragic end.

The degradation of B6 with carbidopa is so significant that no amount of supplementation will take care of the problem.

The challenge is to give a person enough l-dopa to assist in the management of symptoms while managing the nausea. Serotonin is the answer. By providing enough serotonin builders, the nausea can be taken care of and the amount of l-dopa can be provided to manage symptoms.

This is the next development in the area of symptom management. This process is built on the previous knowledge and is most effective when individualized to fit the needs of the individual.

People are unique in their needs for the amount of serotonin and dopamine builders. By addressing each person’s most effective dosage, the best symptom management can be achieved.

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