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Parkinson's Symptoms and Potassium Deficiency

Many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are similar to a deficiency of potassium. Blood pressure issues, still muscles and low energy are examples of the overlap. The human body needs about 4700 mg of potassium and it is perhaps the most deficient nutrient for those with Parkinson's like symptoms.

Parkinson like symptoms probably have several contributing causes. The goal is to eliminate as many of these as we can.

Potassium is a sure bet to help. Here is a list of potassium sources to help you get to the level that begins to alleviate symptoms and help your body operate optimally.

Beet greens ( the part most people throw away) one cups yields 1300 mg.

Avocado one medium size yields 975 mg.

Baked potato one medium size with skin yields 950 mg

Spinach one cup yields 839 mg

Squash one cup yields 800 mg

Brussels Sprouts one cup yields 504 mg

Lentil soup one cup yields 460 mg

Salmon 4 oz yields 435 mg

Tomato sauce one half cup yields 420 mg

Peas one cup yields 350 mg

Black beans one half cup yields 305 mg

Tomato one medium sized yields 290 mg

Orange one medium sized yields 230 mg

Carrots one half cup yields 205 mg

Please notice that bananas have not been included on this list. The sugar content is too high and you would need to eat about twelve of them a day to get the appropriate amount of potassium.

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