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First Hand Account of Mold Toxicity

In 2011 I bought a lovely home near Portland, Maine. When I moved into the house I began feeling ill immediately with flu like symptoms:  sore throats, headaches, ear aches and sinus congestion. Within 6 months I was experiencing one sinus infection after another and never felt ‘well’. Then I had an ear infection,  as well as sinus infections and was diagnosed with Labarythitis which was very painful and caused deafness in one ear. By 2012 I was struggling at work and having difficulty maintaining an active life style. All I wanted to do was sleep. And I never felt rested.   Also my pup was dizzy and on continued antibiotics.  He had trouble walking and seemed listless.

By 2013, I had lost my job and was unable to paddle a canoe or ride a bike.  I lost a lot of stamina and in the winter sometimes did not leave my home for days at a time. In the summer I had continuous health problems. By 2014 I could no longer concentrate on a problem long enough to solve it or even read a book. I had lost my insurance when I lost my job and relied on emergency room and also the free clinic. IT seemed that I was going to linger and die.

I could no maintain activity long enough to rake my yard. Finally, I decided to go South (where I am from) and say goodbye to friends and family. As I had morning vertigo, and was falling a lot. I even had small tremors and used a cane inside the house.

While I was away from home, my symptoms disappeared one by one.  In three weeks I felt so good, I was ready to return home. After returning home, in April of 2015, my symptoms returned one by one. It was awful.  At that point I could not deny that the problem was definitely inside my home.   But what???

(I had no clue what could be causing my ill health).   I stayed on the computer trying to get help from State and Federal bureaus and Councils.   I scoured the DEP website, and chemical contamination sites. I thought it might be some plant in my neighborhood.  Or something in the yard??)

Finally,  I called the State of Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, they recommended a hygienist take air samples.  WHen I had this done, I found significant levels of Aspergillus INSIDE the house, but not outside the house. There were lots of others also.

I am now worried about how to get these spores out of my house.  I can see no mold on the walls so it appears to be inside the walls, and also underneath the roofing system.

I do not want to sell the house, but I don’t know what else to do. The Mold remediation specialists that I have contacted believe that the problem is not bad enough to warrant removing walls and taking out all the sheetrock and insullation. And now that I am unable to work, I cannot afford to have the house totally rebuilt on the inside.

What is the answer here?? None of the Mold Remediation Specialists in the area ever heard of killing mold with Ozone .   What am I to do with a home I cannot sell or live in??????

Thank You for listening


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