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Aerial Yoga

The mind is like a muscle, the more we use it, the more flexible it becomes.

The neurotransmitter imbalance can disrupt brain networks related to mood, behavior and cognition and can have a negative impact on the quality of your life. In some people, the symptoms are mild and don't impact a person's work or daily activities. In others, they are more significant.


Disruption of the brain network is responsible for the mental processes including: acquiring and retaining knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses. Thinking, paying attention, creating memories, language and logical reasoning can also be impacted.


When facing a task or situation on their own, a person with brain chemistry imbalance may be overwhelmed by having to make a decision. They may have difficulty remembering information, thinking through or have trouble finding the right words when speaking. These changes can range from being a annoyance to seriously impacting a person's daily activities and quality of life. 


In short, cultivating mental (cognitive) flexibility and developing mental fortitude is very important in overcoming disruption of the mental processes essential in promoting good mental and emotional well-being.


Mental (cognitive) Flexibility will enable a person to focus and engage fully in making the best of their circumstances rather than getting pushed around by their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It will affect how a person responds to challenge, stress, and pressure regardless of their circumstances. 

Our mind is like a muscle, the more we use it, the more flexible it becomes. With practice and awareness, we can develop a more agile brain which helps us to live more resilient, productive and fulfilling lives.

How to develop and manage Mental (cognitive) Flexibility

The short answer is: with intention and practice. Just like physical exercise, mental exercise is important for cognition. Changing up your routine and trying something different can increase brain growth and capacity for learning.

Brain-Mind-Body  is a highly effective strategy that is more powerful than traditional consulting/coaching. 

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