If you focus on thing that is going well, everything else will fall into place


Seeing the difficulty and pain that confusion, lack of energy, resilience, mental clarity and ability to deal with the stress of everyday living brings, I have dedicated my life and have built my career around helping people uncover and transform the underlying issues that are holding them back from reaching their desired personal and professional goals.


My Name is Dr. Ross M Stewart,  I have a PhD in psychology. For more than 3 decades I have been coaching C-level executives, building executive teams and identifying vulnerabilities, I understand the damage done by broken communication and lack of trust between leadership and employees.  


I studied NLP and spent time teaching NLP with the original reasourch team. Based on NLP, I developed the dynamic Performance Profile (used around the world) that allows for rapid diagnosis of personality problems and pinpoints personal issues that contribute to ineffective decision making, lack of communication, and trust. 

I also spent a substantial amount of time studying Erickson’s hypnosis and therapeutic process. 

To enhance my skills as a coach, consultant and counselor for about twenty years now I have been involved with NeuroResearch studying brain-mind-body connection and its application in business leadership and personal life. 


This brain-enhancing strategy allows my clients to experience powerful communication, eliminate stress and boost productivity and creativity in both the workplace and in personal life. 

Brain-Mind-Body  is a highly effective strategy that is more powerful than traditional consulting/coaching. 

For more info contact us info@NeuroWellnessConsult.com